“Books should go where they will be most appreciated and not sit unread.” — Christopher Paolini

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Roland Allnach

Grace Amann

Dr. David B. Axelrod

Graham E. E. Bailey

Lily Bedell

Cheryl Benton

B. K. Berrell

Jack Bilello

Karen Bonnet

Cindi Sansone Braff

Deborah Burns

Edward T. Byrne

Diane Calabrese

Al Campo

John P. Cardone

Thomas M. Cassidy

Tom Clavin

Anne Coltman

Cassandra Dallas

Anthony D'Amico

Jean Derespina

Paul DiSclafani

Theresa Dodaro

Adrienne Falzon

Kerriann Flanagan Brosky

Linda Maria Frank

Irene Fulmer

E. A. Gilmartin

Holly Gordon

Paula Groothuis

Natasha Guruleva

Joel Harris

Tim Hoppey

Steve Israel

Lisa Jagmohan

Effie Kammenou

Jacqueline Klouda

Mary Korpi

John H. Krahn

Sandy Lanton

Sheri Lynn

Christine Maier

Mitch Maiman

Dan Mariani

Frank Marotta

Antoinette Truglio Martin

M. E. Mattel

L. A. Matthies

Shoshanna McCollum

Caryn M. McGill

Dorothy McPartland

Lisa Meyer

Jerry Mikorenda

Paul J. Mila

Russell Moran

Steven Moscovitz

Lisa Muchnik

Karen Nespoli

Valerie Nifora

John Passadino

Rita Plush

Glenn Poveromo

Angela Reich

Joel Reitman

Eileen Resta

Jeff Rimland

William Rostron

Janet Rudolph

Brian Scala

Lois Schmitt

Robert Schonfeld

Ron Scott

Lois W. Stern

Amy Nicole Tangel

Pramila Venkateswaran

JoAnn Vergona-Krapp

Malve von Hassell

Patricia Walsh

Elaine Kiesling Whitehouse

Robert J. Williams

Jeanmarie Wilson

S. T. Young


In Memoriam

We are always saddened by the loss of one of the authors in the group. Many of us become friends, while others generously share their knowledge and experiences while supporting each other. As writers, our work remains to continue to touch others, to inspire, or entertain. For those who are gone we say with a heavy heart, "Write on gentle friends, write on."

The Long Island Authors Group mourns the death of Russ Moran. Russ was a long-time member and the Secretary of the Long Island Authors Group. He was always a helpful member, supporting many authors in reviewing books and arranging for events. Russ was instrumental in the establishment of the Long Island Authors Group Book Store, and the most prolific Author on our shelves. Russ will be terribly missed in future books, but he will live on forever in his existing books in the minds of his readers.



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