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Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Long Island Authors Group is to encourage, support, and promote authorship, primarily in the Long Island, New York area.

We are a group of local book authors who have joined together to conduct activities and events that add to the availability of our published works while promoting the Long Island writing community. Our group works with retail bookstores arranging book talks, signings and conducts events at various locations that are open to the public.

Our group fosters knowledge and experience by conducting educational seminars on assorted topics such as writing workshops, marketing techniques, promotion strategies, and the use of emerging Internet outlets & new technologies.

A message from our Founder

I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our website. We appreciate your taking the time to visit. As the founder of the Long Island Authors Group, I can tell you that, what has happened to our organization since the fall of 2007, is amazing.

I assume, since you are visiting this website, you might fall into one of three categories. Either you are just curious, a book-lover, or you are, yourself, an author. If you are curious, look around the website and I'm sure you will find something of interest. If you are a book-lover, may I direct your attention to the authors' pages to uncover a true treasure trove of books authored by local Long Island writers. Book-lovers will also want to check out the events section to learn the details and dates of our upcoming activities. These events offer a variety of opportunities to meet local writers, have a chance to discuss their work, and even get a book signed.
If you are an author, and you reside on Long Island consider joining the group. In addition to our events, the group is planning workshops and seminars to help authors hone their writing skills and better market their works. In all cases, you should take a look at our "Mission Statement" to better understand what our group is about.
We like feedback and look forward to hearing from visitorsóbook-lovers, authors, and those who are just curious. Write to us and let us know what you think.

Warm Regards,
John P. Cardone, Founder
Long Island Authors Group

2023 Board of Directors

  • PresidentJohn Krahn
  • Vice President & First Wednesday CoordinatorAnne Coltman
  • TreasurerJeff Rimland
  • Event coordinator ChairpersonRoland Allnach
  • Membership ChairpersonRon Scott
  • Social Media and Publicity ChairpersonsDan Mariani & Tom Young
  • Literary Award ChairpersonBrandy Scott
  • TrusteeRuss Moran
  • Website CoordinatorDan Mariani



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