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Jeff Rimland

Jeff Rimland has authored over 300 poems and has had 3 books of poetry published. His poetry utilizes imagery to represent what many of us may be feeling and thinking, but can not express verbally. In Jeff's first three works, true love and loss are expressed, along with the nostalgia of the past. Future titles will include knowledge and wisdom, two qualities which are difficult at times to attain or know the difference.

In 2010, Jeff was invited into the prestigious Poets House, where all 3 books of his Poetry lay on a shelf next to such renown poets as Arthur Rimbaud.

Poetshouse contains a collection of mainly contemporary poets, which "…includes virtually all books published in the United States during the past decade; the greatest possible range of poetry published during the last century (in English or in bilingual editions); and representative volumes of the poetry of all times and places". (2010 www.poetshouse.org )

Jeff Rimland possesses an MBA in International Business, a certificate in Career Development Facilitation, has over 30 years of business experience, and what feels like centuries of life experience. Jeff lives with his 3 children, his Dog and Cat, in Patchogue, LI, NY.

Published Works:

Knowledge then Wisdom, Perhaps

Jeff Rimland has written over 300 poems and Knowledge, then Wisdom, Perhaps: A Single Father's chronicle of life's challenges, is his fourth book of poetry. This work of poetry is a sequel to his other PublishAmerica poetry books; Our Gift to Each Other: Heart felt Poems of our Love, and A Widower's Journey: A Life of Loss and Love.

Knowledge, then Wisdom, Perhaps: A Single's Father's chronicle of life's challenges, details in poetic fashion the various challenges that continually need to be overcome in all of our lives, but has special meaning to single fathers.

The population of single parents in the United States is growing every year. As of 2010 the United States Census Bureau estimates that 15% of single parents are men, which translates into 1.8 million single fathers.

Single fathers often exist through painful events in their lives such as death of a spouse or divorce. Knowledge, then Wisdom, Perhaps: A Single Father's chronicle of life's challenges again is dedicated to all of those single fathers that share pain and hope with the author, but cannot share their feelings.

Our Gift to Each Other, Heartfelt Poems of Our Love

Jeff Rimland has written over 200 poems, and Our Gift to Each Other, Heartfelt Poems of Our Love is Jeff's second book of poetry, coauthored with his wife, Marcia Schreiber Rimland, who passed away from Breast Cancer on October 17, 2001, and is a prequel and linked beautifully to his first book of poetry, A Widower's Journey, A Life of Loss and Love.

A Widower's Journey: A Life of Loss and Love

A Widower's Journey: A Life of Loss and Love, tells a story of a young man starting out in life, experiencing the beginning of love and relationships, seeking the one true love, finding that love, losing that love due to death, reluctantly accepting that tremendous loss, and finally looking towards the future. A Widower's Journey… started out by Jeff writing down his feelings, which he found difficult expressing verbally, but is expressed in poems that others can identify with, who have gone through similar experiences.

Reflections on Half a Century

Growing up a "baby boomer" in NY in 1955; through the 50s, 60s,70s, married in 1977, raising 3 children, working 30 years, my beloved wife dying in 2001, earning a graduate degree, now a single parent and my poetry being published, is the inspiration behind Reflections on Half a Century. Other "Baby Boomers, a population that numbers over 80 million in 2009 will relate to Reflections on Half A Century. This meaningful chapbook chronicles five decades of my life, giving rise to emotions that many of us are not able to express into words.

Where to Purchase:

Reflections On Half A Century Amazon.com

A Widowers Journey- A Life of Loss and Love- Amazon.com

Our Gift to Each Other: Heartfelt Poems of Our Love- Amazon.com

Knowledge, Then Wisdom, Perhaps


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