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Michael J. Canzoniero Ph.D.

I was born in the Bronx and went to school not far from Yankee Stadium. From my youngest days and into my early teens, all I cared about were the daily "stats" of Mantle, Berra, and Ford. I fantasized about one day playing in Yankee pinstripes. However, by the time I was in my junior year of high school, a number of my baseball playing friends had gotten hooked on heroin. Instead of becoming a ballplayer, I decided to become a psychologist.

I earned my doctoral degree from St. John's University in Queens. As a licensed psychologist, with over thirty-five years of clinical experience, I have developed numerous therapeutic skills but am most proud of my ability and expertise in the field of substance abuse. I have worked not only with the adults whose lives were ruined by drugs and alcohol, but also with the children who were physically and/or sexually abused by them. I am passionate about helping people become aware they can break free of their childhood roles and liberate themselves to enjoy healthy adult lives.

I have been married for forty-seven years to my supportive and loving wife, Dianne. We live in Shoreham on Long Island's North Shore. I am the proud father of four adult children and the happy Papa to my eleven grandchildren. I enjoy scuba diving, photography, and golf.

While I'm still passionate about the Yankees, these days I am even more passionate about writing stories that both entertain and inform.

Visit my web site at: http://www.mcanzonierophd.net.

Published Works:

In Strictest Confidence: A Novel

When a drunk driver killed his beautiful wife and young son, Det. William Hael became a depressed insomniac. Since their deaths, he has grown weary leading an elite homicide squad. Now, all Hael wants is to survive the day and get through the night without another haunting dream about the family he's lost.

How then will Hael react when he is called upon to investigate a school teacher's grisly crucifixion? Preliminary scrutiny suggests it might just be a simple lover's quarrel; but deeper investigation suggests a more troubling hate crime, one that may have involved a friend who saved Hael's life.

Hael's friend, a psychologist, thinks he knows the killer and he is worried he may be next. However, he won't give the detective the name of the patient he suspects for fear of violating his promise of confidentiality. Slowly, as this intriguing case unfolds, Hael narrows the suspects to three of the psychologist's patients. Is the killer the paranoid schizophrenic? Is he the one with the antisocial personality disorder? Does the killer have multiple personalities?

In Strictest Confidence is the sequel to Dr. Canzoniero's first novel, Conditional Love–A Story of Battered Emotions, which was critically reviewed as, "A deft thriller with an important message about the lasting damage of alcohol abuse".

Published November, 2017 by Archway Publications.

Conditional Love: A Story of Battered Emotions

Homicide detective William Hael Jr. is stuck—both in life and in his current case. The son of an alcoholic father, Hael still suffers the emotional wounds and can't seem to break free from the family role that helped him survive. As he struggles to solve the confusing murder of a young woman, he's disturbed by the reappearance of the invisible friend who once helped him through his toughest times… Babe Ruth.

As the baseball legend advises Hael on the case, he also reveals the untold truth about his own harsh childhood and asks the detective to publicize his real story in an effort to help others like them. But sometimes the freedom that answers bring is more frightening than being trapped by confusion, and Hael must decide whether to live in the pain of the past or risk stepping into the future.

Conditional Love is both a fascinating fictional primer on family systems therapy and a thrilling psychological murder mystery that offers an intriguing revision of Babe Ruth's history and challenges a man's ability to change his role in life.

Published November, 2015 by CreateSpace.

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