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Michael J. Kannengieser

Michael J. Kannengieser, author of the novel, The Daddy Rock, was born in Brunswick Hospital in Amityville in 1963 and grew up in Copiague. Michael is the child of Ann and Eugene Kannengieser who made their home in Copiague for over fifty years.

He attended Deauville Gardens Elementary School, Copiague Junior high School, and is a graduate of Copiague Senior High School (now, Walter G. O'Connell High School). Michael lived in Copiague in the Town of Babylon up to 1991 when he married his wife, Nina Marie. Together, they bought a home in Nesconset where they are raising their two children, Juliana and Jeffrey.

Michael is a retired New York City police officer who also worked as the Managing Editor for Fiction at The View from Here Magazine; a U.K. based literary publication. Currently, he is employed at a performing arts college as an Instructional Technology Administrator.

He has been published at The View from Here, Newsday, and Criminal Justice News. Michael is a guest lecturer at the college where he is employed.

Published Works:

The Daddy Rock

Roger Price is a retired NYPD officer battling depression after his wife and young daughter are killed by a drunk driver. He is contacted by a woman who claims that he is the father of her college-aged daughter. The woman, Claire, is someone he had a brief affair with after high school and never saw or contacted again. She tells him that the daughter, Bonnie, has leukemia and needs his bone marrow to survive.

He vows to help Bonnie. Claire concealed from her husband and Bonnie that Roger is her real father until it was discovered that no one in the family was a match for her.

Roger's best friend, Danny, a retired NYPD detective, is pursued by members of organized crime whom he arrested while he was a rookie and they are now out of prison. Roger is shot by one of them when foils an attempt on Danny's life. As a patient in the same hospital where his daughter is being treated, he forms an uncomfortable bond with her as she tries to accept him as a father.

Claire shuts Roger out of his daughter's life because she is afraid that the men out to kill Danny–and now him–will come after their daughter too. Roger and Danny are pursued and have a shoot out with the remaining gunmen and arrest them. Roger reconciles his past, accepting that his late wife and daughter are indeed gone from his life. Claire allows Roger to see his Bonnie and he is finally able form a bond with her.

Published 2012, Decent Hill Publishers

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