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Dr. Jennifer Cusumano

Dr. Jennifer Cusumano is a media practitioner, educator and counselor who began her career 25 years ago as a copywriter and producer. She teaches communications at Long Island University and has earned awards in her discipline for her academic research. Jennifer continues to write professionally and acts as a communications consultant for both private and charitable organizations. This is her first novel, an effort she shares with her sister and creative collaborator, Kathleen. They both live in Northport, NY. You can read more about the author at www.jennifercusumano.com.

Published Works:

Angels Around Her

Written by Jennifer Cusumano with Kathleen Cusumano.

If we only had the wisdom of experience in our youth, what decisions would we have made differently? We explore this very personal question in Angels Around Her, which takes a heartfelt look at some of life's most important decisions often made at a tender age.

Love. Career. Children. Finding the courage to make a change when you've made the wrong choice. This Christmas, however, one woman has a supernatural chance to right those wrongs… with a little heavenly help.

Set largely around the holiday season in Manhattan, Angels Around Her takes us on a journey of self discovery that spans 25 years. The vehicle that acts as our looking glass through time is a manuscript, which our heroine, Bridge, is compelled to write after finding three trinkets from love's past.

Thus, "the book within a book" format allows us to follow Bridge's compelling back story while other serendipitous events unfold in present day. When Bridge's book gets published, she unwittingly sets in motion a series of events that climax in a bittersweet rediscovery of love and of self.

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