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Joseph Giannola

Joe is a tax lawyer by profession and a long-time student of myth and mysticism. Born in Brooklyn, he and his wife and family have lived on Long Island for the last forty years. A Promise Kept, which combines his love of myth with his deep belief that man's true nature is opposed to war and violence, is his first attempt at fictional novel writing. He is currently working on a sequel.


Published Works:

A Promise Kept

A mythic journey by our hero, Jared, to discover whether it is time for his people to venture out of the sanctuary where they have been safe from war for hundreds of years and bring a precious gift given to them by their Centaur companions to the people in the outside world.

In the process Jared encounters not only kindness, friendship and love, but also violence, war, and a ruthless king intent on killing him and his people, and destroying this precious gift.

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