Glenn Poveromo

Glenn Poveromo is an educator who has taught English/Language Arts in the Wantagh School District on Long Island, NY. He has authored numerous short stories and has worked as a staff writer for the Long Island Tides magazine.

He has created an audio CD titled Glennisms: Simple Thoughts About Life and Living and shares these thoughts with hundreds of people each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Glenn currently heads The Power of Visualization, a company he and his wife Sheri have created that offers clients the mental tools to be used in creating positive outcomes in an are of their lives. His desire is to help people to utilize both their spiritual and mental abilities to created a more peaceful world.


Published Works:

The Spirit's Self-Help Book

The Spirit's Self-Help Book is a unique and interesting compilation of spiritual insights offered by seven distinct entities. Each spirit addresses a different aspect of our multifaceted soul with his or her personal perspective. By reading this book, you will develop a deeper understanding of your spiritual nature as well as a deeper understanding of the inner workings of the universal energy that is available to each of us. Each of the seven spirits wishes to guide you toward a more peaceful journey on your path toward enlightenment and love.

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