Janet Rudolph

Janet Rudolph has spent over 20 years studying and experiencing various shamanic traditions throughout the world. She has traveled extensively to holy/power sites to study and learn from ancient traditions. She is a twice-ordained as shaman/spiritual guide. Her more recent initiation is from Aloha International in the tradition of Hawaiian shamanism. Her other works include Songs of Shamanic Descent (available on Kindle or from author) and Moontime Celebrations (available exclusively from author).


Published Works:

When Eve Was A Goddess

Using a technique called spiritual forensics, When Eve Was A Goddess uses folklore, mythology and ancient pagan stories to uncover original Biblical teachings. Published 2017 by Flower Heart Productions.

ONE GODS: The Mystic Pagan's Guide to the Bible

One Gods is a shamanic exploration of the Bible's great journeys, struggles, quests, heroes and heroines. Published 2015 by VirtualBookworm.com

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The Mystic Pagan


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