Robert Schonfeld

Robert Schonfeld is an attorney representing not-for-profit corporations serving people with disabilities.

He is of counsel to the law firm of Moritt Hock & Hamroff LLP in Garden City, and was previously a New York State Assistant Attorney General.

He has published several scholarly articles in law journals including the New York Law Journal, and has been quoted numerous times in the press for his work in successfully fighting municipal and neighborhood opposition to community residences for people with disabilities under Federal and State law.

Robert's other interest is dogs. While, since the publication of the book, Amber passed away, the favorite hobby of Robert and his significant other Charlene Densen is observing their new Pomeranian Bentley and trying to understand the things he does.

Robert is a Life Member of the Circumnavigators Club.


Published Works:

All About Amber: Planning for Our Dog in the Event of Our Passing

Considering the relatively short life expectancies of dogs, most people assume that their dog will pass away before themselves. But what if that doesn't happen? What if you pass away before your dog? All About Amber is an open letter to the people who would take care of Amber in the event Amber's parents pass away before Amber.

The book is written so that in the event Amber's family passes before Amber, Amber's needs and desires would be fully understood by her new family. It is written as a model for others so that everyone has a plan for their dog in the event they pass away first and that the new family is not unfamiliar with the personality and needs of their new family member.

Published by Dog Ear Publishing.

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