John H. Krahn

Rev. Dr. John H. Krahn has authored seven books and numerous magazine articles. His published works include poetry, plays, professional articles in education, opinion pieces, devotional writing, and sermons. He is also a much sought after speaker and seminar leader. For nearly fifty years as a clergy, he has been the pastor of the largest Lutheran church in New York as well as working with some of the smaller ones.

He has written several books including: Brief Prayers for Busy Lives, Special Stories Along Life's Journey, Living a Happier Life—At Every Age!, From Surviving to Thriving–A Practical Guide to Revitalize Your Church, Reaching the Inactive Member, Ministry Ideabank I, II and III, Seasonings for Sermons III and Washed Any Feet Lately?

John is currently a church consultant working with congregations that are struggling to survive. He is married with two daughters and three grandchildren and enjoys both travel and tennis.


Published Works:

Special Stories Along Life's Journey

Special Stories Along Life's Journey is a fun book which tells 65 true life stories that will both entertain and inspire. Over a long life, the author has collected true stories from all around the world. You will smile, laugh out loud, and be touched as you read this amazing book.

Published by CreateSpace, 2018

Living a Happier Life—At Every Age

Living a Happier Life—At Every Age! is a book for everyone who desires more happiness in their lives. It considers many different aspects of life where a better understanding and a different attitude will help lead to a happier life.

Do you find yourself worrying too much? Are life's challenges and hurts piling up on you? Do you sometimes feel worthless? Have you ever wondered why there is so much suffering in the world? These are just some of the questions this book seeks to answer.

Living a Happier Life also looks at how you might make a positive difference with your life. Prayer and forgiveness are presented as vehicles to a happier life. As you grow older, you are shown how to do this with grace. Then, as you step from this life into eternity, you will learn how to do this with both peaceful acceptance and joy.

Pure happiness awaits you in the presence of God. You are heaven bound through believing in the Lord Jesus Christ. The happiest time in your life still awaits you.

Published by CreateSpace, 2017

Brief Prayes for Busy Lives

Brief Prayers for Busy Lives offers the reader short, thought provoking prayers. Each taking less than a minute, these prayers encourage the reader to add their own prayers and reflections in daily communication with God.

Published by CreateSpace, 2017

From Surviving to Thriving–A Practical Guide to Revitalize Your Church

It is predicted that in ten years upwards of one-third of all Christian churches in the United States will close. Currently 80% of all Christian churches are barely holding their own or are declining. This provided the motivation to write my latest book, From Surviving to Thriving–A Practical Guide to Revitalize Your Church. This book contains many tested and proven ways to revitalize churches that are struggling. The book will also strengthen churches currently doing well. It is written for clergy, lay leaders, and any Christian wishing to strengthen their church.

Published by CSS Publishing, 2016

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